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At Yola Customs we use only machine pre-cut window tint to achieve better quality. We specialize in all forms of window tinting. Window tinting will help add privacy, comfort and deter break-ins. Window tinting will also add 99% UV protection.

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Under current traffic laws of Alberta it is currently not legal to have your windshield, driver's side and/or passenger's side front windows tinted to any degree. New cars are only sold with tint starting at the shoulder of the driver and going backwards, which is legal. Different provinces have their own laws, which you may want to be aware of when travelling. If you have your front windows tinted, you can be ticketed by police if they see it. We can tint your car to what you want, but we assume no responsibility for your vehicle or its legality. One thing is for sure, the darker the tint, the higher the chances of being ticketed.

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  • Reduces energy costs by enhancing the insulation properties of your building.
    • Keeps the heat in during the cooler season.
    • Reduces excessive heat from the outside during the warmer season.
  • Improves tenant comfort and reduces complaints.
  • Provides a comfortable and productive working environment.
    • The film acts as a soundproof barrier, providing a quieter atmosphere.
  • Protects interior furnishings, merchandise, electronic equipment and occupants from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • Maintains a uniform exterior appearance and enhance the building's architecture.
  • Avoid distracting reflections caused by interior mirrored films and give occupants unobstructed window views day or night.


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