What Makes Yola Customs Stand Out

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About Yola Customs

Yola Customs offers multiple vehicle-related services under one roof, with our primary goal being to ease our clients’ lives by making their vehicles unique and personal. When handling customizations with others, clients sometimes need to arrange for their “car modification trip” twice and in some cases three times. That's why we employ professionals to accommodate all customization needs under the same roof for quick and hustle free turnaround time.

We mainly cover Southern Alberta, but service customers from Edmonton and Saskatchewan as well. Calgary is a very diverse and vibrant city, just like the multiple businesses that surround us, and the automotive scene is quite dense here.

Our crew of four full-time employees and three part-time members have the expertise, knowledge, creativity to make every project unique. Our 6,000 sq ft facility accommodates any customization project, from simple window tinting to seat upholstery and liquid wrap all under one roof.

We have been in business for about five years and are still growing and implementing new technologies, products, and techniques. It's hard to call any business mature because every business does not stay still. Each firm tries to innovate, develop new services and approaches to serve customers better, more efficiently, and provide the best customer service possible.

We implemented a lot of changes to our business structure in 2018, from the way we operate and conduct business, to our dealings with affiliate companies. We added the “Jeep in Motion” division which is directly responsible for any Jeep modifications including seat upholstery, custom lights, light bar installation, and sales, jeep upgrades, aftermarket parts sales, and installations. We are also planning on offering a few more services, still in the developing stages, to the public soon.

The Yola Customs Difference

Yola Customs covers a majority of customization options under one roof, setting us apart from other car customization and window tint businesses. With our fast turnaround time, flexibility and creativity, 98% of our projects designed in-house, we are definitely miles ahead of our competition.

Going through tough economic times and getting bigger and get stronger has been one of our biggest achievements. I always treat a company as a living organism. When it lives, the company grows, when it stops growing, it dies.

Just as every soldier dreams of becoming a General, we are greatly awed by business owners who turned small companies into big international corporations, which is our dream for the future.

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